Storymakers Media

"Stories are the single most powerful weapon in a leader's arsenal."

Howard Gardner, Harvard University

Do you have a good story to tell?

Are you telling it in the most engaging way?

Are you ready to achieve your goal of becoming a thought leader?

A veteran writer and content strategist, Steven can take you to the next level. With more than two decades of award-winning experience, he helps businesses and leaders raise the impact of their strategic communications by stripping away jargon and using clear, powerful language.

How Steven can help:

  • a writer to craft the content
  • a story consultant to help shape your communications strategy
  • a strategic adviser to shape a thought leadership program.

He can produce:

  • articles, op-eds, white papers and reports
  • newsletters and brochures
  • web copy and blogs
  • video scripts, speeches and books.

He works with:

  • entrepreneurs, start-ups, non-profits
  • mid-sized organizations launching new initiatives
  • large organizations ready to rethink their approach
  • thought leaders of all kinds looking to improve their communications.

"To write is to think, and to write well is to think well."  

-- David McCullough

He can identify and capture the essence of what you do--applying journalistic skill to ask the right questions, assess the facts, find the most compelling story angles and craft the words that connect with your target audiences.

The goal: Cut through the frivolous PR noise by creating authentic, urgent stories that engage your audience and inspire action.

Steven draws on wide-ranging knowledge (business, politics, public policy, travel, art and culture), a passion for story (the telling anecdote, the touching detail, the inspiring theme) and an eye for simplicity (aim for the essential). He  turns complex ideas and difficult subjects into succinct, understandable prose without sacrificing substance.

Put simply, he delivers quality and a damn good read.

Why seek his involvement?

Whether starting with a blank page or improving what's already on paper, Steven can help you say what you want to say--and say it better than you've said it before. He has produced work for such leading media organizations as The New Yorker, National Geographic, The Wall Stree Journal and The Economist Group, both with and without his byline.

This is what one new client emailed after receiving a ghost-written column produced on a tight deadline: "WOW. I wouldn't change a single word. This even sounds like me (only better)."

To learn more about Steven, check out his bio. To read what others are saying about him, check out the testimonials.

Feel free to contact Steven for writing samples or additional information.

Telling the story of his book... "live"
Directing a film scene in Los Angeles
Shooting " The Miracle" in Russia

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