"I'm not sure which is more pleasant ─ editing Steven Beschloss' sterling copy, or dealing with him on a personal basis. All I know is that he makes my job easy."

-- Chris Wessling, Senior Editor, American Way Magazine

"Steven Beschloss demonstrates as well as any writer I know that solid journalism and a poet’s sense of style can go hand-in-hand ─ as, ideally, they should. He’s also one of the hardest working and most reliable writers I know. A few times I’ve tried to collaborate with other authors, and lived to regret it, except with Steven, who did more and better work than I. In a heartbeat I’d do it again."

-- Peter Selgin, novelist and author of By Cunning & Craft: Sound advice and practical wisdom for fiction writers

"I met Steven Beschloss when I was the Executive Editor for a book packaging project, published by Reader's Digest, entitled Know Your Rights, which was a layman's guide to the law. I hired Steven to write a long chapter on family-related legal issues, such as birth, death, marriage and divorce.  In many ways, this was the toughest chapter in the book to write because the subject was so huge and so general.  It needed a writer who could research all facets of the subject, decide what was most important and relevant, then express it succinctly, yet with excellent content and liveliness.  Steven did all of these things ─ and he did them very well.

"As I learned during the months we worked together and have seen in his subsequent publications, Steven is a fine journalist ─ a first-class researcher and a straightforward and entertaining writer.  And what's more, he's a joy to work with. I am happy to recommend him for any project."

-- Pamela R. Thomas, editor and author of Fatherless Daughters

"Forming a media relations company with Steven Beschloss was the best decision I ever made. His professionalism, enthusiasm, humor and tenacity made every project a challenging, satisfying and successful experience.

"And Steven is a writer in the full sense of the word.  He writes with grace and fluidity. He is just as good an editor.  When both of us collaborated on copy, it made no difference who wrote what; his editing process always insured that it ended up perfectly polished. His creative ability is an inspiration."   

-- Harry Chittick, former Senior Producer, ABC Network News, and co-founder/co-managing director of Media Wave Consulting

“Steven hired me to help with a custom magazine. He's a superb manager and editor. He gave me great direction but also the freedom to run with the project. His communication skills are excellent. He was open to new ideas, responsive to questions and generous with feedback. It was a pleasure to work with him.”

-- Tam Harbert, magazine editor and journalist

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