American Way / January 2016

"Valley on the Verge"

What strikes you first are the red-pink sunsets, the vast open spaces, the jagged mountains, the beautifully twisted saguaro cactuses, the overwhelmingly brilliant light.

Ever since it was founded in the 1860s, Phoenix has faced the prospect of being permanently overshadowed by its natural surroundings. Here, after all, was a hot and dusty settlement whose developers long maintained a steadfast commitment to selling the concept of suburban expansion. “Forget the city,” they seemed to be saying. “Choose cheap land, open space, easy living.”

Now, however, there is change in the air. Suddenly, with little fanfare, Phoenix Metro appears to be on the verge of creating a modern and appealing urban core. The city hums with visionaries and investors, all of them committed to making something new...

To read the full feature on the urban development of Phoenix, click here.

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